Friday, December 14, 2007

Coffee Musings

My phone is dead, like the power in the house so this was written and typed in after the consumption of coffee as opposed to texting while enjoying the cup.
Holiday cheer wrapped in the colors of black and brown and white capping the wave of heat swirling in open vessels to create nirvana.
Sweet heat burns brightly around us now the festive sights and sounds and smells - the senses filling never overload with pleasures.
Gathering like penguins trying to stay warm? What did the Jajaweed do in Darfur? What HOPE is brought? A laptop for every child? Empty Bowls? How do we fill them, with what? Canstruction to inspire? Give to give selflessly.
The awareness of self is not forthcoming so impossible to be of the other?


m said...

Yes, these big projects are important and need to continue, but lets not forget the day-to-day niceties that seem to get lost when are so focused on the big, big picture. What about that guy next to you that financially is ok but is emotionally drained and battered? Amazing what the simple act of listening, for example, or an actual, physical pat on the back can do for the lost soul standing right next to you. 'tis the season. (and congrats on surviving without a cell phone. you are a bigger man than me)

m said...

and what about those Coneheads, dude?