Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Morning Zen

supple trees. bend in the weight of the ice and wind. Trees in winter can not bear the change and break. Trees built for beauty and without substance can not manage and split down the center. Trees withstanding the test of time well maintained and nurtured survive damaged yet alive. And so the winter ice of our lives comes forth. Weather the storm my friends. Be supple in living and thought. Survive. Call upon the abhorist in your life to help.


Anonymous said...

what a truly beautiful thought, Mr. Boatman. Beautifully zenful. Thank you.

m said...

and maybe there is something to be said for shedding the dead weight. things happen when we least expect it that force us to let go of parts of ourselves: some parts that we need to release and other parts we don't understand why we have to lose. but with friends, neighbors and sometimes professionls, you get to keep what you need. Nice thoughts, sir.