Friday, February 16, 2007

Zack and Michele Are Getting Married

Zack and Michele Are Getting Married
Well, if you have not heard my brother is getting married. Check on their wedding website for information and updates.
Congratulations Zack and Michele.

Daily Meditation:

Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity. - Albert Einstein
Interesting he specifies the future there. It is simply a way to live I think. Some people believe that Einstein was in communication with space aliens. He was shown the nature of the scientific world of the universe through these aliens. He developed theories and science from the insight. I once knew a fellow who learned quantum physics from a little gray man. Knowledge is passed on.
So Einstein saw the way of the universe in science. His mind was open to the way it operates. A understanding that occurs how? An amazing thing is he was able to communicate his knowledge to others. So when insight occurs can we pass this on to others? I am thinking as of late that Einstein was also enlightened in the way of the spirit. He saw the spirit and was at one with it. He had insight into the spiritual universe and perhaps for him the scientific and the spiritual were not separate. For him the Buddha resided in the single atom as well as the blossom of the flower.
I learned again that my first action, my first thought is usually destructive. I think and I act and set into motion chains of events which lead to pain. Reminding me to wait. To think it through and take no action.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Google Accounts

Google Accounts
Sign up now for a free gmail account. Mobile phone or invitation no longer necessary.

Daily Meditation

The state of self-realization, as we call it,
is not attaining something new or reaching some goal which is far away,
but simply being that which you always are and which you always have been. -Ramana Maharshi

It is really not easy being who we are. I am not who I am. Fear drives me to be someone I am not. Fear of rejection. Fear of doing the wrong thing/not doing the right thing, fear of hurting someone else/or myself, fear of change. It is a huge burden to try to act and doing the right all the time. It does not allow for mistakes or missteps, it does not allow for forgiving or forgetting. This self centered way of being is concerned only with the needs and wants of the self and does not allow anything different within the walls.

So we know who we are. We do forget that on occasion. Searching still yes. Seeking truth. Seeking a connection with the spirit, seeking to know and feel that all of the time. Knowing who we are is paramont. When we forget what do we do? Go back, go back to that which brings us comfort and peace. Go to a place within where we can listen to the spirit. Go to that place. Do you have such a place? If not, develop one. It is difficult at first. It is like doing something for the very first time. We do not know how to do this thing. To go within and find a place of comfort. There may be no place of comfort in there. Rocky kragles of rocks jutting out into the landscape of our souls. Even amongst these sharp stones, when we beginning looking we will find a clearing. Maybe just small enough for our two feet to strait. In time this clearing will build. It will clear itself. As we try again and again to go to this place withing we will find more peace and larger areas of comfort. At first a forgien surface appears to us and over time it becomes familiar. That is the boulder of my youth. That stone is but a dream I had. The crevice is from the playground. That fissure a broken heart. You can grab these things. Pick up those boulders and pebbles. Examine them. Know them. Put them back, break off chunks, repair the holes, cast out the ones no longer needed.
Come to know that place within. Make it comfortable. Return there time and again for healing and peace.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daily Meditation:

Starbucks #193 - Let's imagine a 21st century America where families, friends, and neighbors gather together at the end of each day in parks and town squares and on street corners and porches, to tell stories and jokes, to sing and dance with wild abandon! I can see and hear it now... - Dan Zanes
Starbucks in the mornings is really a good way to start the day. Now I do miss my old Coyote Coffee shop. Daily stops on the morning commute. The inspiration from a cup of coffee. The coffee brings inspiration and the writing on the cup does as well. I wonder if there is a magic 8-ball in the shape of a coffee cup from Starbucks.
We have lost a lot of the community aspects. Fear perhaps. Televisions perhaps. Work. Life. To much to do. Not enough time to just be. Community centers. Parks. Malls. Havens for seedy things. People can take them back. People can take back their neighborhoods and their streets. People can transform communities into places of growth and outreach. Maybe this is reflected in the movement back into the city. People moving to the urban centers once again. Developing a life in the city and building relationships with each other and the place. From shopping and dining, walking, interacting, play and recreation, work there are the things that allow us a full life. Now the suburban life provides us with these opportunities too. Block off the street and have a block party. Throw on extra burgers next time at the grill and invite over a different neighbor. Have book groups. Our mobile culture allows us to travel great distance for these meet-ups. take advantage of them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not Really Aware

Yesterday in line at Target a woman is standing with her back to the checkout. Her kids were buying her Valentines gifts. They did not want her to see what they had purchased for her. I said but didn't you just walk around the whole store with them? Yes, but that is not the point.
One of those things that is impossible to understand I suppose.

Daily Meditation:

We have only to eliminate the ego-notion by succeeding in the difficult task of understanding that it does not exist except as a notion. - Why Lazurus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei
What can I say. There is no ego? To get rid of the construct of the ego we come to see it as just a construct. A protective guise against the world. Only in our head do we separate the self from the world. We are in the world and of the world and exist. We alone separate ourselves from the world.
My discourse at this time seems conflicted. Stirring the pot. A jumbled mess that is my mind.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Daily Meditation:

The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.
Return to the basics. The noble eightfold path is simply a set of guidelines to follow to lead a good life. A manner of being that allows for growth and peace and harmony. It is good.
Each of these really do combine together in a way for good living. It make sense and is positive. Not easy to maintain these on a daily basis. To do the next right thing. To strive to make the best of the self. To interact with others in a positive manner. Whole.

I have a cold. My head is fuzzy. There is more to say on the noble eight fold path. remind me and I will share more in the future.