Friday, March 09, 2007

Amber Wind Society at Blue Moon

It was a great show. They were really spot on with the music. Great vibes.

Sunshine Hahn

Daily Meditation:

Be wise, disciplined and non-violent and you will find peace. Be aware both night and day, continue your practice, and you will attain Nirvana. - Buddha
At this rate I will not find Nirvana. I am not disciplined. I rarely make a practice of meditation and prayer. I am not wise as I continue to make the same mistakes over and over and repeat patterns in my life that are self destructive and destructive to others. Peace seems to be an illusion created by the myth makers and dreamers seeking a state of being that will never occur in this world. Awareness, hah. Blindly stumbling through my days. Unaware of those things going on around and my thoughtless impact upon them.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New studio Pics

I have posted up photos of the new home of Blue Sage Studios glassblowing studio and more. It is a great place. Don't let the photos fool you.
Don't forget the Blue Moon on Friday night.

12th and western


This is a interesting video. Some of my readers may enjoy it. It is 12 minutes so you will need a faster then dialup connection.

Daily Meditation:

The eighth step of the Eightfold Path is Right Concentration, meaning to foster dispassion and detachment from the things of the world.

I question this. Detachment is necessary at times and detachment from the material possessions and pursuits is probably a good thing to strive for but detachment from people and interaction is not what is sought. Things of the world are really not important. We know that to be true. Loosing those things which weigh us down. Obsessing over. Cut them loose. Release them.

Thinking this morning on what I owe. What do I owe? What have I given back for all the love, compassion, care, friendship that I have been given. What do I owe to each one who has touched my life? What can I do not repay that which has been freely given unto me?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


popurls | popular urls to the latest web buzz
I was surfing and found a link to this site. Very cool I think. Feeds are becoming a nifty way to surf the net and stay up to date on events and happenings. Information overload?

Daily Meditation:

Most people are always carrying the burden of the past,
anticipating the future, while missing life in the present.
Be a person who dissolves into the present...Yeh!
Be like a boat that flows in time and space... Yeh! - Tishan

It is so very easy to carry the past. To hold onto, to wrap ourselves in like an old itchy moth eaten wool blanket that at times brings great comfort and at other times rubs and itches and is heavy filled with the water of our tears.

Looking forward and preparing we get caught up in the possibility of what might be that we forget to experience the right now and what is. Granted we must be aware of our actions and the impact they may have upon us and others in the future as we do not want to create more things to fret over once it is past. In looking solely to the future we again miss the moment. Learning how to walk. How far ahead do you look when you walk? Do you look only at your feet to make sure each step is firmly planted onto the ground?

In the moment. Following the stream of the universe again today. Right there. Nothing else. Everything else. All of time past and future wrapped into the present moment. Flow. Be like sugar in a cup of warm coffee. Dissolve and spread the sweet flavor throughout the drink. Or lump up at the bottom of the cup and save the last drink to be pure sweetness.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Daily Meditation:

Empty yet aware, the original light shines spontaneously; tranquil yet responsive, the great function manifests. A wooden horse neighing in the wind does not walk the steps of the present moment; a clay ox emerging from the sea plows the springtime of the eon of emptiness. Understand? Where a jade man beckons, even greater marvel is on the way back. - Hung-chih
Awareness comes slowly it seems. Not even aware most of the time. Just blundering through this life and not even paying attention to the wake. When the ego is full, when the self is obsessed it is not possible to be aware either. Consumed by the self no attention is paid to the other. No saving grace is left for the people we love and care for. The light from within, the light of the spirit shines in us and through us on these days and brightens our beings and our relationships. Living through the light and in the light we are guided to preform greater things. Blundering through the darkness of the self only base is found and fostered producing pain and suffering.
The springtime of the eon of emptiness. It is plowed in order to prepare the land for growth. The empty soil prepared and ready for growth and the things to come. Preparing. This is the spring. ready for new growth. ready for the soil of my soul to be tilled and fertilized with the spirit. Ready I hope for the seeds to be planted. Seeds of wholesome goodness and peace. Weed out the seeds of the past. Ready for the spring and the dawning of new.

Music at the Moon

Come to the Blue Moon on the Paseo this weekend. The Amber Wind Society is playing on Friday at 9:00. Great music. Good friends. It is well worth the trip.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Daily Meditation:

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern. - William Blake
We see just bits I suppose. We rarely see the whole. The big picture. Even seeing the big picture we usually only see bits and pieces of the whole. Seeing wide our focus is small and in seeing the detail we lose focus on the whole. Difficult balance once again.
Reminds me of all the talk of global warming. The Oscar for Al Gore brought the talk into the foreground again. We see bits and pieces of this thing. It exists, it does not exist. It is man made, it is natural. We are warming, we are cooling. I have no answers. Everyone is right just as everyone is wrong. There are no experts, everyone is an expert. In the end we see what we want to see, we believe what we want to believe.
I need my eyes of perception cleaned about the same way I need to clean the front windshield of the truck. It is hazy and streaky and when the sun hits it just right I can not see a thing.