Saturday, April 14, 2007

latte art

The cup is from Sauced. Nice cup. Clean. Easy to draw upon. It is funny. Using Crayons when I get to the part of the cup with coffee in it the heat makes the waxy substance flow differently. Like it glides more.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Latte Art

Well not latte art in the true sense of the word but art drawn on my latte cup. The $*'s girl (amber) did the flower, the rest is mine. This was created with the non-dominate hand. Could be an interesting series. I have Amanda Joy to thank for the inspiration. Her Creative Journal class has different activities. Last night she directed to one in drawing the events of the day upon which I drew on her coffee cup.

Oklahoma Historical Markers

For a long while I have been wanting to create an interactive database of Oklahoma Historical Markers. With the new maps from Google I think it is really possible to have a map of great magnitude. I searched again and found perhaps the best site already devoted to such a thing. Very cool indeed.
Check it out when you can.

Daily Meditation

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. - Buddha
Don't give up five minutes before the miracle arrives is a common saying. So true it is easy to give up. Sticking with it will bring about untold gifts.
I got a new video camera for the classroom. It records great. You can not play the disc it recorded to on the computer. You can not edit the file on the computer. You can put the disc in a DVD player and play it. The needed discs are near impossible to find. Returning the camera. All day long. Reading, researching, trying different things. Finally. Conclusion. Give up and try something different.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Technology Training

I have been thinking about unified technology training for teachers. The OKTechMasters program put together a method and a course of training teachers that would superior to anything I have seen else where. Funding for the fantastic program was eliminated and the program folded. It was a statewide program that trained many teachers in the basics of technology and provided a sort of light house on the shore for teachers on a stormy sea. I don't think we have access to any of those materials on the web anymore. I did not even get my OKTM website backed up before they took it down.
The Intel Teach to the Future program has great promise. I took the initial training at UCO and even taught my required course to other teachers. This program provides a uniform method for putting together lesson plans and resources for technology teaching. A great idea and strong support but limited in its implementation.
There is the new Google Teacher Academy being conducted on the coasts. Hopefully, they will make their way to the interior of the country and we can establish something here in Okie Land. Any one know of any other universal programs for teachers and technology so we can all be on or near the same page?
Technology guru's, excited teachers, lassie-faire teachers, and non-implementors need to come together.

Daily Meditation:

Whosoever has heard the law of virtue and vice is as one who has eyes and carries a lamp, seeing everything and will become completely wise. - Buddha
Having not heard that lesson or forgetting to pay attention in class in am not too sure. Maybe I was asleep during this lecture. Been thinking too I am more of a lamp under the bushel kind of guy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daily Meditation:

The seeing of Truth cannot be dualistic (a 'thing' seen). It cannot be seen by a see-er, or via a see-er. There can only be a seeing which itself is Truth. 'All Else is Bondage; Non-Volitional Living' - Wei Wu Wei
So there is truth. There are not versions of truth. It is. Belief in truth makes it so. Is truth for one truth for all? Universal truths vs. beliefs?
Just not enough time to process and write as of late. Sorry for the lack of depth.

coffee rant

I just read an article in the paper about coffee night at the Turkish Cultural Center. I love Turkish coffee. It is awesome cooked up with cardamom and sugar. I do so wish one could go into a coffee shop and order a Turkish coffee. To order a cortadito (great Cuban coffee with carmalized sugar, found at El Diablo in Seattle). Instead you can get a latte or a con panna or a blending milk shake at coffee shops around town. Granted more independant shops are opening around the city see my custom google map of indie coffee shops in OKC. Also let me know if I forgot someone.

Yesterday's Daily Meditation:

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. - Buddha
Into action. Coming up with and creating. How many times have we thought or heard, I thought of that. Some one else thought of it too and put that thought into action and created.
I am rethinking the coffee cup. How can we make one better? Keep the coffee hot. Clean, disposable or able to carry around for several days. Does not leak. Will not break. Fits in cup holder in car or has a built in leg system for staying in place. So how does one go about designing and implementing a new design? Like a smart new green building in and urban environment. We need new coffee cups.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I dig on stuff like this. Esty is a great website for such cool things. There is much to muddle through at times and this site does some of the muddling for you.

Daily Meditation:

The seeker is the found, the found is the seeker - as soon as it is apperceived that there is no time. 'Posthumous Pieces' by Wei Wu Wei
Apperceived is the coming to knowledge through past experiences. That which we are seeking is within us already. That which we desire to know we know. That which eludes us only does so because we are not ready to see or to know. That which is is and that which is not is too. We call to us what we need. Manifest. If we call to us the good logic dictates we call forth the bad as well. Why would we manifest negative in our lives. We don't. Really.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter is the time of new beginning. Yesterday I cleaned out the majority of the garage at the old house and took items to storage and to the new studio. It is finishing. Getting back things that are needed. Letting go of things needed but that need their own path. Letting go. The dying. and thus today is the new beginning. The egg. A symbol of this time.
Seventeen years ago this day I was in a car wreck. I hit the bridge crossing the Turnpike. It was that night I knew I had to make a change.

Live and Love,
May peace prevail on earth.