Saturday, April 21, 2007

Full Mind

All is well. It has been a busy week. Overwhelming and yet everything that needs to be done is being done. Great pleasure in work and doing and completing projects. My mind has been full and there just does not seem to be enough time to delve into the philosophical. Cluttered with the other my thinking does not allow complete expression. How to remove the things in my head that hold me back and create a struggle in existence.
I did get a great nap on Friday and woke feeling renewed. Thank you all for the support.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

coffee cup art

It was not as a productive morning on the drawing front. My friend James stopped by the coffee shop and sat down for a bit. Good to see James. Keep on keeping on.

Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday
Another gem. This is a great idea and an great site. Wonderful execution. Submit your illustrations.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

latte art

Light green crayon does not really show too good. Click on the image for a larger copy too.
Art on a coffee cup can be fun. Surely others draw on their cups. I can't find any postings on the net tho.

Live at the Cow Palace

I just got the 3 CD set of the Grateful Dead Live at the Cow Palace. I have heard this many times. The first CD in the set completely blew me away last night driving in the truck. This is the Dead at one of the peak periods. I dig Donna anyhow so when she sings there is a transcendent quality to the music. This is dead music that even people who do not know or like the dead will get into. Highly recommended.

Daily Meditation

The first step of the Eightfold Path is Right Views, which means Knowledge of the Four Noble Truths.
The four noble truths deal with suffering and the cessation of suffering. Being aware of and coming to the end of suffering allows us to begin to venture on a path to freedom and enlightenment. It is suffering in my mind that is getting me down. I am all alright with life and living and being and working and the creation of my days. And yet I suffer in my mind as things are not as I would have them. Growth does not come fast enough. Change is slow. Progress impeded. All things are as they are for a purpose unknown. Breathe.

museum drawing project

museum drawing project
Great idea. I like this concept. Can you think of ways to apply something like this to daily life?
The daily assist? How did I help someone today. Of course the key is to help and not let anyone know but...
The daily glass? Create a tumbler or other glass object every day.
The Daily...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

latte art

The latest edition of my coffee cup art.

Whiskey Falls

My good buddy Forest Temple is in a music video. Worth watching. Too many years have come and gone since I have seen the old boy. He could run the side the side of a mountain and keep time with a fleeting deer. (video/quicktime Object)

Daily Meditation

Turn your mind away from things which are not permanent. - Buddha
That which is fleeting is just that. It is not here, it is here, and it is gone. Transfixed upon those things that come and go and fill life with the small details. Those things which are nothing and move to nothing. I suppose the key then is to cultivate those things and relationships in which the impermanent in our lives becomes always present and there and with us in mind heart and body.

Monday, April 16, 2007

latte art

Work from Monday. It was a tasty latte today.


I had to make a quick stop to fix their computer.

Sunday's Cup

This is my cup from Sunday. I picked this up around noon or so. Drop by the folks house for a minute to drop off some items and then headed out to the glass studio to do some work. It is coming along nicely. We are getting things organized. Internet installed there tomorrow which will help I think. Pictures soon to follow. I am thinking about getting an all-in-one printer. They have a new HP with individual color cartridges. Anyone try one of these yet? Sam's Club has one for $250 and the ink replacement is around $60. They have the 6180 at office depot for $299. Any recommendations?