Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coffee Musings

Follow your bliss it is said. I Did this once and ended up in Massachuets. Today the bliss is striving for a balance. tobe at the center and moving, not stuck on ideals and misperceptions.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coffee Musings

Energy flows just where it is needed. The flow unobstructed by the self. Find now life is tinted by events and thoughts real and percieved. seeing the skin of god woven over existance iminating from and through all beings. Yes. Lovely indeed.

K-12 Online 2007: Call for Proposals!

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Dawn, Ice Chick, Kimbo... Did you all see this online conference opportunity?
I hope you all have a nice ending to the year. Hang on tight.

Coffee Musings

Future holds known and unknown, guiding our progress. Like destiny in the stars a reflection of earthly pursuits learning to pay attention to the world and our interdependence within the universe.

Monday, May 21, 2007

15 minutes

Well, I may have about six of my fifteen minutes coming the Spring of 2008 to HGTV. The filming with "That's Cleaver" went well. I had a good time creating and working with everyone was a pleasure. This did force me to grow a bit. I had to work alone in the studio and that is typically something I do not do. I like to work with other people and help each other create. So going it alone was a trip. The bowl turned off really pretty good. I owe Roy a debt of gratitude as he walked me through creating it step by step until I got it right.
So stress is much less now. The studio is up and running. Two weeks left of school. I have a lot of little things to get taken care of over next little while. Oil change and new tires on the truck being high on the list.
Remember to make time for yourselves over the next few days. Do something you really have been putting off and then do something just for you. If you do not take the time now to develop yourself it will be all the more difficult to find that time in the future.
Have a great day my friends.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Coffee Musings

Sun shines keeping time of the seasons. Brillant rays of enlightenment stroking the neuron of the mind creating pathways to states of grace. Knowledge of what to do next and the path to follow and the next right thing. What is the next right thing? Seeing and knowing the future by knowing and learning from the past.