Saturday, June 23, 2007


Wondering through prompting that if being cryptic in my words is defense. It allows me to say things in a way that is shadowed and not really clear. That said it could be a deception of words. Saying one thing and really meaning something else or leaving it open to interpretation as something else. So it is not really clear leading to mixed knowledge and false pretenses.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Busy. Bee like busy.
Wondering, Wonderment, Wunderlust.
Knowing the self, searching for vital truths. Searching for the core of the soul. Seeing the scars of emotion left upon the soul and how to heal? White light opening up the heavens and the hand of God blessing the self taking away the pain and hurt and mistakes of thought and action is rare indeed. Healing takes place slowly and with great care. Forgiveness of the self, forgiveness for being human, being young, being untaught. Making up for the past by living the best way we can on this day at this time in this place. Seeking the good. Giving fully of the self in service of others. Knowing love and sharing it freely.
Peace comes. Live in peace and harmony with the self and with all of creation.