Friday, August 17, 2007


Time seems to be flowing all the more quickly. I get everything done. Remembering out of context that when nothing is done, nothing is left undone. Granted I have not checked my phone messages in a week. For those good people who call. Try me again. I am not forgetting you. I am not upset. I just get busy and do not find the time to check or call back. I called my buddy Jet in Dallas a couple of days ago. I liked it when they were in Seattle I could call from here at 11 at night and get them at 9. I can't call anyone at 11 but that is when I like to call. And then if I check my messages (say at 11) I must call people immediately for I forget to call. Even with notes strewn about my office, my truck, my bedroom, my desk. I forget to call. Strange. and then I remember and I feel bad all over again. Working on this issue in my life. I think I have been for many years as faithful readers and non returned phone callers are aware.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


An incredibly painful experience and yet almost a pleasure. Strange.

Monday, August 13, 2007


The marver table at Blue Sage Studios. The marver is used to shape and cool hot glass.


I Am at the ca dao for egg rolls. I Get a phone call from school. Last time i was here i got a phone call from school.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pops - a review

Well, it may not be fair as it is the first week but I have very little to go back for except breakfast.
I went in on Thursday, no sodas. Saturday night they closed at 11, I got there at 11:10. Sunday, no sodas. That is not far, they have sodas lining the walls of the place three deep floor to ceiling. No sodas for sale in the cooler. Why? That is some kind of vanity I think. We have all these soda but you can't have any (said in best Homer Simpson voice). Gas is about 10 cents more then anywhere else too. I will review the breakfast when I get a chance.


Groovesect at Sauced. Monday at 8. Be there. Good sound.

Coffee Musings

The heat produces a sense of odd completion. There is much todo and yet very little need to make anything happen.

Sopebella's for Brunch

I had brunch at Sopabella's (I will check that spelling)

Tasty. Decent coffee. Cheese crepe was great. Procudio ham as flavorful but sliced to thick for me. Nice hash browns. Beautiful and attentive wait staff.