Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shades of Brown

cool little place on Perioa and 30 something in Tulsa. Latte art at it's finest.
Good cup. nice flavor. bit stronger perhaps. Also a cool little place for to get a cup.

There is something about being out of town that makes visiting coffee places special. Really seeing the place. Local folks hanging out and talking and sharing good times and good vibes. I wonder why don't we have a place like this at home. And then I remember that we do. I think the newness and freshness of a fourin place brings that out whereas we are just used to our local places with flavor and folks.

The Coffee House on Cherry St.

A latte from the Coffee house on Cherry St. in Tulsa. It was good. Nice bean. Full bodied and flavorful. Cool little spot too.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tonight - Story Slam - Paseo First Friday

There is a full evening in OKC tonight. Head down to the Paseo for the First Friday Gallery Walk then over to 1218 N. Western for the Story Slam.
I hope to see you out and about.

Morning Zen

Not alone in being alone. Interesting how words stick to us. Not understanding stems from this perhaps. Hearing only what is wanted and interpting based upon the filters of personal experience. Very tired this morning.fuzzy brain.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

FW:Morning Zen

It seems now the currents of the stream pull us along in manners unknown. Our choice to fight the flow or accept it and glide.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CallWave: Text is the New Voicemail

CallWave: Text is the New Voicemail
This is really, really, really cool. Set up a voice mail on the mobile phone. This service transcribes the voice mail. Sends a copy of the text to your email. It also plays the message on their website. So very cool. I hate to check my voice mail and now it is easy.
Give me a call. Leave me a message. I may even remember to call you back, probably not remember but will try.
It is that desire for change the want and comittment to be and do good and falling short if only in the self that loathing is manifest.

Morning Zen

The disconnect between what i want to do and what i need to do and what i have committed to doing is expansive. Reconsiling the nature of the self away from self destruction and self loathing into normalicy seems a long painful process marked by guideposts passed both directions many times.

FW:Coffee musings

Odd it is sitting listening to the train in the distance, water 3lowing, conversations ebb and flow with the water. Moon not seen, art abounds in cultavated urban opressive heat of cement and engines. Coffee beginning to accent the mind with firing synapsis aligned with universal - the right descriptive word cannot be found. Weekend long with movement and speech and creation. Now wake. Tell us if you please of purpose and drive and destanations found and satisfaction still elusive and not obtained.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007



Slacker Radio

More Today Than Yesterday by Charles Earland from Black Talk!
I found Slacker Radio this past week. It is a really nice online streaming radio station. Many different genres to choose from here. next to this is going to be a top choice.