Sunday, January 06, 2008

Morning Zen

It is not really the end of a weekend or the beginning of a week. It is the day and the moment. There is a group of people who individually live their lives in 24 hour segments. One day. On occasion it is one hour, one 10 minutes, one minute, one breath. And so it is that today is this day. Waking at 11:00 in the a.m. does not make it as waste of day or a waste of time or a loss, or time that will never be recovered. It was dreams, it was nurturing the self, it was healing, it simply was. And this day anew. 24 hours. one breath.


Anonymous said...

We often forget that all we have is the day, the moment. If you make the most of each waking moment, what does it matter what time you awake? Does it matter that I replay today to yesterday's zen?

anonymous bad speller said...

does it matter that I can't spell 'reply'? Maybe 'replay' was better for that moment