Friday, January 25, 2008

Morning Zen

dreams, windows? processing? Why remember? Guideposts for some, nonsense for others, television for the night time still.
Achieving the get things done and the stillness of the zen mind and the emptying of the vessel (inbox zero) that is something. the inbox is the thing to do. it is the vessel holding all of the things of life (gmail has the labels necessary for organizing life in said vessel) and the vessel becomes useful when it is empty. A full vessel can hold no more and runs over which is good and "if your cup is full may it be again". So in having an empty inbox on the email you prepare yourself for more to come. Not filled with the clutter of the day the mind is also able to be filled again. And so it goes. and there is a new site that deals with getting things done with a good take on it all.

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