Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Morning Zen

Wondering. I am an advocate of getting help. Asking for help, very difficult. Process the workings of the mind with one who is experienced and trained in the workings of the mind. Self delusion and deception. The lies I tell my self. I can not expose them as a lie in my head for I formed them as truth based upon inadequate foundations of perceptions of reality. The lie is exposed when discussed with another. Learning now how to put aside the lie and the fear and approach that which needs to be changed.
Thinking lately about guides, mentors, teachers, the sage. Those who have gone on before us and know the experiences of their path and the lessons learned and the challenges forged. Yes different paths but common roads.


Anonymous said...

first...from the "Toa Te Ching" it is in your menagerie....
suggest readings of
forty - four
forty - nine
fifty - nine
sixty - four
sixty - seven start...then see the next posting this thread....
be at peace with the self...then peace with the rest will follow..jj

Anonymous said...

..chapter 5 “The Essence of Buddhism” Traleg Kyabgon (2001)….that a reference to Buddhist writings is made is neither an invite nor a suggestion to travel the roads of this philosophy, neither to discourage the same…..but the philosophies counter much of the Western cultural practices and ‘teachings’ ( using the word “teachings’ loosely….very loosely ).

…from chapter 5 , “helping others is helping oneself” ( the subtitle of the chapter…..)

……lies? …the self judgement in reference to “lies” then may or may not be a truth, only in that one judges oneself much more sternly, in many instances, than others “judge” another……by what standard or philosophy is one judging himself? …. is there a lie or a deception? ….is there a difference? ….for without a statement of an untruth, is there simply an implication of a truth…..or a desire on the part of one to imply to another some capacity or capability, or some “good”……mixing words? Well, maybe of sorts. …..self delusion or self deception is again, a mind game in the mind of the holder of such deception…but in reality is deception? Seeking assistance, help, is not a weakness but a strength.

….from the perspective of delusion and deception, these are both products of a thought philosophy which sets forth both ‘unnatural’ and often unattainable standards of ‘perfection’. In many instances within this society as in most societies and the animal kingdom as well, if one does not put forth a show of strength he will become the meal of the ‘ carnivore ‘ much as Microsoft® is trying to swallow Yahoo® alive! So in our society, putting forth a deception seems acceptable to many. Though it may be perceived as truth, only the person exhibiting the ‘deceit’ is knowledgeable, though exposure at some later date may be embarrassing and in some instances grounds for that ever present predatory convention in this society….the ‘law’…..whatever that is anymore!

….though many have traveled similar paths it seems few have the insight to learn from others mistakes….
For as individuals, groups, even whole countries, we continue to follow the same roads….for again, is uncomfortable to travel that road less traveled….( yet another book of interest…..)

….we each travel the road completely alone. For no one individual can climb into the mind of another and know all of the paths and experiences he had seen…..

…..all can learn, all can experience, but we must attain and travel for the path of only one….others may provide guidance a result of their own travels, but each one must provide his own direction and truth.
For no two experience the same path……jj

Anonymous said...

1. in this age of self-help & quick fixes, to find a mentor is tough and for an Oklahoma City glassblower, I would think damn near impossible. Too bad since you are just a mere kindergartner in this realm.

2. It is amazing the power of the spoken word. What I hear in my head is often quite different in meaning once spoken to another. It either gains strength and momentum or is realized as complete silliness (usually the later).

3. Good luck and don't stop looking. We will always find that which is important to us.