Thursday, February 28, 2008

Morning Zen

Oh yes, the kindergarten of the mind. The kindergarten of the spirit. I go to spiritual kindergarten. I wonder at times if perhaps there is something more then this and I find no or afraid or like the dudes in black nike shoes waiting for a comet there is something more but... And so acceptance of who we are and what we do and our position in the world. Being just like everyone else. Being normal and ordinary and just a human being can be a hard pill to swallow. Remember the scene in the movie when Willem Dafoe tosses the seed and in a blink there is an apple tree. I have been thinking about that a lot as of late maybe it is the pears and plums but each time i spit out a seed I somehow expect a tree to blossom at that moment.


Anonymous said...

see the post above for a

Anonymous said...

the "Tao Te Ching"...25th anniversary edition....

number sixteen.....( ju-roku)