Monday, February 25, 2008

No Country for Old Men

I saw this Oscar winner a few weeks ago. It is one of those movies that sticks with you for a while. Complex, beautiful, supremely acted and directed, really a very good story. I was trying to figure out how Llew could have been in Vietnam thinking the movie was present day. Figured everyone in Texas just drove old trucks. Reading today it was set in 1980 the time frame makes a lot more sense.
Highly recommended.

A Cohen brothers movie egg seen the other night. In Raising Arizona, Nicholas Cage has the infamous tattoo of Woody Woodpecker. In Gone in 60 Seconds, in the shop with Duvall about 15 minutes into the movie. The camera pans down and on the window behind the workbench is that Woody Woodpecker as a sticker.


Douglas said...

"You ate sand?"

"we ate sand."

Anonymous said...

The book is wonderful too. I highly recommend it. Another by Cormac McCarthy that is haunting and beautiful and gut wrenching is The Road. Last year's Pulitzer prize winner. Also being made into a movie with Viggo Mortensen as the dad!!!!! cannot wait.

Patrick said...

saw no country for old men the other day, it's a pleasantly unconventional flick...

dumbfounding form a moral angle, but that can be a good thing.