Friday, March 07, 2008

Morning Zen

I have begun to read a book suggested by a friend. As some of know I am not a reader. I read a lot on the Internet. I peruse information but for sitting down and reading a book it is a rare thing. That is one reason I like the Tao so much. Manageable pieces of wisdom. Almost poetry. I like Wikipedia. Readable. Short and easy but much information. And so it is a surprise to me to really read.
The book is "Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life". It is about right now. At 40. Radical changes in life and living and the Self occurred and events put into motion and worlds turned a axis. And this happens to everyone. Not unique. How to handle and deal with it. How to approach a new life without. How to process through that who we are and and where we are going and to be the best Andy I can be. Authentic self. True self. true nature and seeking a higher nature. Learning how not to capsize on the sea. Learning how to drop the rocks. Learning how to polish the armor.
The knowing and the not knowing. The searching. The guideposts. Being ready. Being capable. Being open. Being willing to and taking the action necessary.

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Anonymous said...

...a student once arrived with a bag of books....the statement recalled was something like...."I don't know where you are in life..." it trailed on into something....probably thoughts elsewhere....who is this student....what is the student saying to the teacher.......more books....more books....then the promise of one more....which lead on ....the student had no idea the teacher didn't indulge in reading....
read on....follow yourself, your goals....
"Finding Meaning...." should be the goal of all..his own meaning...and not the meaning someone else wishes upon wishes in happiness, harmony, encourage others.