Monday, March 10, 2008

Morning Zen

The horns of the dilemma. You know with the bull coming and two horns, choose which. I stand there in the middle waiting to get run over, not making a choice but letting destiny make the choice for me. Then Rush reminds us that even if you do not choose you still have made a choice. The consequences are such that in not deciding there is outcomes weighed and known and unknown. Yes, at times it is best to wait and see and let things unfold. At times still to decide and act. And upon making that decision to complete the task at hand. So many of our decisions are based not upon circumstance and truth and right thinking and right action but upon that which is known and comfortable and easy. And I think that too is what a mentor is for experience. Why we seek out the knowledge and experience of others, why we go to a professional to grow. Complete the task at hand and grow.

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