Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Morning Zen

Living in harmony is obtainable. It becomes effortless. Interesting that it is through disequilibrium that equilibrium comes. harmony rides the plank at the top of the pyramid. It is here with a balancing act worthy of the Great Wallenda's. In harmony, in conjunction with the spirit with the divine we are. Learning to maintain that connection. Doing everything everyday to gather that strength.
Was thinking how hard it is to be in the spirit. It is a daily diligent task. It is never ceasing. To be there one day, one moment does not mean that we will be there automatically the next moment. We can prepare ourselves to be ready for when that time comes when we are there. And so why is it when circumstances creep in, when we loose some footing. That one thing that gives great strength and infinite is often the first thing to go. Letting loose of the spirit when other things arise. Seems so easy to let go of that which can be so difficult. The spiritual life is a hard life. That which comes last and which leaves first.

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