Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Morning Zen

Accomplish. I am thinking how nice it is to complete a task. Something done. A goal to seek. Coming to do that thing feels good. Other goals not yet acquired do not feel so bad in the face of something done. Rejoice.

I have read about getting goals. The todo's today. The todo's tomorrow. The future todo's. Organized and going. The order, what works best for you. The biggest first with the most energy. A small one or two to get the ball rolling and work into the big stuff. Impact and necessity. Getting done the worst of the lot, feeling better all the time. Avoid the worst of the lot and feeling not as good as that task it a weight waiting. So do. Find a way that works and do. I need this completed, and this, and this... little blue note cards with reminders in my pocket. Notes on the dashboard. Google Calendar with SMS notification. Reminders about my reminders...

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