Sunday, April 20, 2008

Classen Grill

Brunch at the Classen Grill. It was good. The French Toast is not really French Toast at all but bread dipped in Pancake Batter and then cooked in the manner of a pancake. Odd. It was not bad but I like french toast I am not be huge fan of the pancake.


Anonymous said...

ok, as someone who was at the Classen Grill for brunch Sunday, I can't believe the french toast/pancakes took priority over the dude with the incredibly fake mustache that basically had most of the restaurant strangers asking eachother over their coffee and toast and overcooked Classen potatoes, "Is that thing real?"

Anonymous said...

why is there no picture of the mustache? especially since it was paired so nicely with the 1970's Elvis sunglasses that he never removed