Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Morning Zen

Once again the dawn arrives and we herald in a new day. A new beginning to life. Waking pure and fresh Letting loose of the days before, letting loose of the constraints of self. Open now to the flow of the universe and allowing it to move us into wonder.


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Anonymous said...

to one an ending. to another a begining. so it is with life and each new day. does the day end when one sleeps? does the day begin when one awakens? when noe one is present, does the falling tree creat sound?
awaken from the dream to the new moment. yesterday is life's memory. tomorrow life's imagination. we look forward with great anticipation. when "forward" becomes the past it may appear as though it never happened. the moment of importance is the moment now.

when in question, think of the most noble person you know and ask the question, "what would the noble one do?" and life will be pure and fresh each moment.