Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Morning Zen

The moment. Thinking yesterday about being in the moment. To be right there with something. All else fades away. A moment of singularity. That is it. No other thought enters, no worry, no ego or self. Just that moment and the action/inaction performed. Moving out of the singular moment back into the "reality" of life there is disappointment, ego, fear, joy, all of those things which coming into being. There is a longing for that moment again. A desire for its return or the opportunity to return to that place. Wondering how to keep and maintain that singular moment throughout every moment of living.
This thought came to me as I was watching a barista pull a shot of coffee. It was an experience. She steamed the milk. The sound of hot steam coming out of the machine and milk spinning and steady pressure. Thumping the milk on the counter and to the grinder. Whirring and crushing the black bean. Dosing and tamping. Eyes wide. Beautiful sounds in a musicless environment. The shot is pulled to a specific time. Streaming brown and gold and tan espresso fills the cup. Milk and foam poured on top with a whip and a flip. Profound. In the moment.

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Anonymous said...

...the first paragraph gives the impression of meditation...when one escapes the turmoil of the mind being stimulated by an overactive environment, an overactive society ....
The second...sounds like good coffee...with a a little surreal
sensualism involving the barista...the "hot steam"...the "mild spinning".....the "steady pressure"....the "Thumping"..."whirring"...."crushing"....ah, and she was of African origin...forget the coffee.....ok, so imagination is a little wild!
have a happy day.....