Monday, April 14, 2008

Morning Zen

Touching Grace. Stroking the hair of the divine. That is the picture to hold today I think. In communion with the spirit of the universe and nurturing that relationship. Revel in it.


Anonymous said...

grace: probably one of the most lovely, most peaceful words that can be spoken. Feel like I have lost touch with mine lately.

A good thought for the day, sir. A good thing to hold onto. Once saved, it should not be taken for granted. Grace, what a precious thing.


Anonymous said...

And so it comes to us, grace that is. Some mornings we awaken with great awareness of it, and other mornings we don’t notice it, but it is always there. For some an interesting investment in a spiritual being who would bestow upon them some sanctification to account for ones feeling of goodness, generosity, and well doing. Grace or sanctification then must be given by someone or something, a higher being? Where this perspective arises is difficult to understand when we are all capable of union with life and being kind and generous. So, does this grace require the intervention of a higher being or may it be allowed to come from the depths of ones own soul? Does ones soul require sanctification to become good? To provide meaning in life to others? To see the suffering around oneself and attempt a relief for the burdened?

I think not…..the self can be not centered on itself though it is healthy to provide oneself with some form of esteem. Be it not an able soul who may pursue a life of goodness though not of perfection? For there is little of the selfish portion of the soul which can be washed away. We must then accept that there are good times and not so good times. That being, there are times when selflessness overcomes the selfishness. There are times when our imperfections become the ego which may bruise another. The kind word versus the harsh word.

But for today grace is the guidance. Sanctification, though to some a spiritual bestowance may come from within the peace of oneself.

“We should notice and care for the beauty around us, knowing that we are part of it”.
Daniel Gottlieb, “Learning from the Heart”, Pg.110.

Happiness and harmony…..grace…..and the divinity of self.