Monday, April 28, 2008

Morning Zen

The declutter. The process of getting rid of things that no longer serve use. To be used in the future saved to a location of knowing and purpose. Thing thought to be used again but knowing that not to be the case and also a thing that can be gotten again. Remove. Paperwork in the file appropriate. Make a new file. Boxes in which to keep the files. Stored away out of sight and out of the way but accessible when needed. Email, which prompted this entry, Clean out the Inbox. Select All. Archive. Delete. Organize. It feels like a fresh new beginning when there is no clutter. When all has been moved away and out of the general workspace. Clean and fresh. Renew.

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Anonymous said...

decluttered, wow. color me impressed...and jealous. until my magic elves arrive, clutter is my world


happy monday, decluttered is a nice way to start a buzy week