Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Morning Zen

Finding now in the past few days that which is thought and that which is felt and that which is reality really make little difference in the way. Those three and perhaps other influences come together and intermingle and yet they can all be different or the same or not even noticed. Once again holding onto the past the events that tainted. Day's stand out as markers in life the the events of that day corrupt or enlighten that day forevermore. Anniversaries as it were of life events, needing to be rid of the residue of the past and wash clean the psyche of those days.

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Anonymous said...

We should learn to be kinder to ourselves. Figuatively speaking, I am the only one that can drag out my past and then beat the shit out of myself with it. Which seems to be what you may be doing.

If you are, Stop it. You are a nice guy who happens to be human which means you have made some mistakes.

Learn. Forgive. Live. Darnit!