Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Morning Zen

Stepping out of the world as I know it for a little while into a reality quite different. I went to a place of beauty and despair. A place of unique land and peoples. A place where zen is prevalent and yet not existing. This place where my thoughts and actions simply were and the i seemed removed somehow. How to keep this I do not know. Now it seems a fog in my head. Not living completely in this world and lost from that which I have came.

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Anonymous said...

When you have one foot in today and one foot in yesterday, you are pissing all over today, todays reality and all those who are close to you.

Stand up straight, get your balance and move forward with your eyes, ears and senses open and anew and enjoy the beautiful world, family and life you have help to create; rejoice!

Stop behaving like some poor little zombie. Instead of pining and whining for what was, incorporate it into the what is. Unless, of course, you would rather be there. And if that is the case, pack your bags and go.

You have now been absent a month and a half. Time to choose where you want to be and be there. Life is only as difficult as you choose to make it.

Me, I'm not that complex. I like simple. I like it here; that is why I am here.

Good Luck and be happy. Keep us posted and let us know how it turns out.