Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Morning Zen

It has been a flurry of thoughts and actions and business and what nexts. Making a choice and sticking to it with amendments and opinions of others to taint the thought of what is right, what is wrong, and what is right for me is a trip. Finding the strength to stand by a decision even more hard.


Anonymous said...

Do the next right thing for you.


(oh wait, is that telling you what to do? my bad...nevermind...I'll shut up now...really...not another word...just be taking that lamp and going...nothing else...maybe that thermos...but nothing else...no more.........)

Anonymous said...

oh wait, m! leave the bird here!
take the lamp and the thermos...but leave the bird...you stay too girl!

what that weekend do ta' ya'?


Anonymous said...

Well, jj, it has taken a year, but I am starting to catch on proving that old dogs can learn new tricks, it just takes lots of rolled-up newspapers. As for the weekend, you have no idea what an adventure it was! too much food on a stick. and as for me and bird, have you not noticed that we are not the ones who need flight? we kinda dig the nest...