Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morning Zen

In the events of the day dictating the nature and direction of the morning zen makes sometimes for a heavy heavy day. We lift them up to you today.


Anonymous said...

On both the good side and the bad side, life makes no sense. In my morning walks before dawn I walk up the hill to see the illuminated steeple of the Westminster Church. Tall white steeple, brighltly lit against dark sky makes me think of life's balance. Good/bad. Right/wrong. Health/sickness....why can I walk to it, but others can't? Why can I see it, otehrs can't? Don't know. Never will. But I do know this: Life, whether I understand it or not, goes on. That is the promise. I know I am so very, very lucky to be able to walk to that church and back home at my will every day, if I choose. And if I sleep in a day, it is still there.

This does not change the fact that my heart breaks for those who can not find that simple peace. They seek answers to questions that cannot be answered. But saddest of all, they will not ask for help when they need it. One of the greatest feelings in the world is that of being needed. So, when you do not ask for help, you not only deny yourself, but you deny others. Look at the doors that do not get to open by not reaching out for help. A dominoe effect that could go one way, goes another. This, I feel, is one of the greatest tragedies.

Today, if you need help, simply ask. That will be the zen I seek and I will not seek it alone. I will encourage you, Brother Boatman, to continue to do the same.

Grace be with you.


Anonymous said...

...and so I have thought about need for help and (what seems to me to be) the simple task of asking for help and have come to realize that for some, this is not an easy task. And what seems simple for some seems impossible to others. Look at algebra: some see the equation as an artform. they can digest the problem and solve it with great skill and ease while others struggle to no end. And thus is life and its problems, we all handle things very, very differently. Trite, but true... And again I realize how lucky I am. Seeing no problem so large that it can't be handled by whatever means even if that means just leting go...of the problem, not the self, not of hope, not of faith of a better day. Just the problem at hand...

Peace to those who seek it.