Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morning Zen

Changing the reaction. Read today it called auto-response. The fellow I speak with says it is the lies I tell my self on my first thought. Programed by the self for so very long the first thing I think. My first reaction to situations tends to be one based not on reality or no functional truth but upon a negative experience or thought transferred to the present. Tainting the moment with something that is not even true or real. Break free from that ingrained. Learning to let that come and work through the process to break through to a reality of the situation and being. Acknowledge the thought. Address it. Ask if that thought is truth and from what is it based and from where it comes. See the thought as it is not dress up in the fanciful cloaks of the mind but stripped of power and illusion. Is it true, is it real, is it valid? Accept it or let it go for the truth.

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Anonymous said...

What is the old saying about what to do in stressful situations? (and how does each individual define a stressful situaion? by perceptions and past experiences, that's how...)

They saying tells us to stop, take a deep breath and count to ten. Basically, stop, get a grip, properly assess then act. Not react.

Alas, a nearly impossible task for those of us with quick tempers, short fuses and mean left uppercuts all created to deal with a plethora of assholes who insist on well, being assholes...oh wait, I thinked I have crossed over to a completely different zen...ahhhhhh, the many faces of zen