Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning Zen

Moments, savor moments, take moments out of the day. No that's not right. Live moments within the day. Yes. Live moments. One and two here and there. String together two or three more. Living fully within each moment. Authentic living. Authentic practice. Becoming who we are in those times. Living. More and more each day.

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Anonymous said...

I envy Bill Gates. Not that he is a gazillionaire, but that at a very young age he knew his authentic self, ignored society's stereotypes and bullshit and rules and followed his bliss. He could ignore the outside voices and focus on the inside voices and follow his true path therefore changing the world.

It has taken me 40+ years to accomplish this. Now I love living in my own skin; I am just a little scared now of my 40+ skin. Alas.

Better late than never.... I do get what you are preaching Brother Boatman and I dig it much.

Amen and grace to all.