Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morning Zen

The focus. The moment and being within the moment. Where is the focus? Upon what? There is the saying that in meditation accept what comes. If a tomato comes to mind, embrace the tomato (not too hard mind you it is a tomato), accept that thought, let the tomato go so the next thought can come in. Making room. Remain open. Clearing the clutter so as the new can come. Maybe this is why to clean the house, make the bed, fold and put away the clothes. Making room. With a pile of clothes in the corner there are too many surfaces where things can light and take hold. Things not needed. The dirty clothes piles of the mind... into the hamper, wash and dry, pretreat with spray and wash if necessary. hang them up, fold and put away. I suppose iron but why? Laundry is a precursor of counseling. Clearing the mind, reason to pay the bills and pay down debt. Reason to look at Get Things Done and move ahead. We are given the tools. We are learning. Now to act. Act again tomorrow and the next day too.


Anonymous said...

and sometimes there is just not enough time (or energy) in the day to get the laundry put away and make the bed and be to work on time.

seems like I do a little and it just comes back. so what then, Mr. Boatman?

magic elves...faery tales...oh, to lie down for a little nap and find all the shoes have been made (along with the bed and the laundry)

please do not tell me to "keep on truckin". I want the elves.


Anonymous said...

magic elves still keep coming to mind. and if real ones actually come, I am not going to release them, I am going to hold on tightly and use them to get caught up!