Friday, October 03, 2008

Coffee Musings

When does passion and consuming convert to addiction? Morning cup, latte, work cups, lunch latte, cups, afternoon french press, more press, evening latte. Not every day but typical consumpsion.

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Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding, right?

It is coffee, right? You enjoy. You differentiate good from bad from icky to exceptional, right?

Something you look forward to but not robbing Quickie Marts to support your ugly need, right?

Not skipping work or scamming old ladies or stealling small change from your student's backpacks, right?

You just dig a good cup, enjoy it throughout the day and life goes on, right?

Yu know, it is this kind of mental abuse that makes me want to go out and kick some "Society Stigma Mumbo Jumbo" butt!

It is coffee. Brew! Smell! Drink! Drink some more! Enjoy the heck out of it! Life is short! And your not Catholic, so drop the guilt trip, dude....And drink up! Little Guatamalans need you!

m (going on her 4th cup getting ready to have 5 and feeling absolutely no remorse but can't stop typing.........)

don't you have a movie to be quoting or something serious to worry about?