Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Morning Zen

There is a huge nebulus thing out there. Just out of reach. A thought, an idea, the solution, more questions, static and dymanic, particle and wave. Not sure what it is but the conumdrum of the day and at it's edge is this something that contains the answer. Examining the problem surely with time and process and discussion the answer will make it self known. Coming to the answer, how do you get there?
So the question... If you have one hour to provide technology training for teachers what vital information should be covered?

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Anonymous said...

The Fine Art of Troubleshooting...just think how much simpler your life would be if the teachers could answer "the most asked questions" themselves. Practical, working knowledge is a beutiful thing.

just a thought...

and that huge nebulous thingy out there, that's my messy house...it is like a black hole sucking everything nearby into itself and the closets...the good side, if this huge sucking continues, I won't have to leave my kitchen to dine on the Paseo. Nice.

m (is for messy)