Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Morning Zen

There is little in this world that is not a mystery. Even those things we think we understand seem to hold new meanings, new associations, new wonders. That which is ordinary and seen take a step back today and look at it new. Look at it for the first time again. Remove from the mind what the thing is, remove the preconceived notion of the thing, see it for what it is complete for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Humility. This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of all qualities a person can have.

To practice daily the art of unconditional humility. Look at how much more you get from life when you are continually learning.

For me, it never fails, when I know 'exactly' where I am going, I get lost every single time. But when I am unsure, staying aware and alert all the way, the journey is smoother and more colorful and I learn so much along the way.

Happy Tuesday, sir.


Anonymous said...

Ice cream. No mystery there.
Mystery may be confused with unpredictable, insecurity, and planning misfortunes.
Mystery? An anticipation of the future and what may or may not occur, an unexplainable occurence, or a reference to the passage of time. .....to see what is real ahead instead of what is conjured up in the mind as desire, want or need.
Getting to that point of peace...inner peace. That euphoric or lack of euphoric. The complete emptiness of thought. Peace is there, mystery is there but not there. As with sleep, a complete loss of the consciencous but still being intensely aware. That point in the existance of inifinite escape but yet totally balance and aware. Where is that?
Hard to get "into" that state..but worth the effort when there.
The influence of the external seems unavoidable....a power driven from the external to be aware and "buy in" to the physical of our society....
....when all that is of magnitude is hidden in the silence of the soul....