Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning Zen

freedom. primarily one of the greatest hinderences in life is tied to the ego to the self to the I. there seems to a great hesitation in growth because everything done is done with one thing first and that is the I. It is time to let go of the I. It is time to let go of the ego. To transcend and go beyond. To release the self and become free to be. Take care of the self but do not act/react live for just that self centered ego driven narrow focus of vision and allow nothing else. How to let it go. I to put the self out of the direct line of thought and action. how to bring the self into the forefront of conscience where it can be seen and examined and let go of. As it stands the self hides and directions and commands. It is not seen and not known that all action is by the self. The higher i even does not know that the I is the one in command. How to break through that self into new light?

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Anonymous said...

there is no try

there is do or not do

How to?