Monday, November 03, 2008

Morning Zen

I heard something awesome today on the radio in to work. I thought that is great. I will remember that and talk about it during my morning zen. Of course I did not write it down and it has much like Elvis, "left the building".
I bought these cool little pads my Rhodia that fit in the pocket. I have a little pencil that goes with the little pads. These are for remembering. I just have a hard time even remembering to write down the things I need to remember...


Anonymous said...

its that 40'ish thing Andy!
been there plus a it is really bad!
Notebooks and the pocket...on the night the car....keep them close...never know when a "good thing" slams in the mind ...write it down right may be gone in a flash.....fffffflash!

Anonymous said...

and I would say 'that is so sad, poor little fellow is getting all forgetful...' but I can't stop giggling.

Glad you shared that in your Morning Zen. good chuckle for the day....oh hell, who am I kidding? that willl last all week

but here is something worth remembering, sir: Highland's Vanilla Yogurt. taste test it against Dannon. (that would be if you can find someone who sells it...) and the best part? Highland Dairy is Clinton, OK based

Happy Monday, sir