Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Morning Zen

We have been given a right. To vote, to not vote. To choose a direction. Freedom and all of that. It is said to be a duty by some. Got there at 6:30 was finished at 7:35. I have gotten a tattoo in less time. one thing saddens and that is Oklahoma has no third party candidate on the ticket.
So if time allows and you are so inclined. Head on down to your local polling precinct and fill in the little arrow with a black line of your choice.

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Anonymous said...

...oh my.... the Mutt is the victor....he said it himself...hopeful thoughts for the future...many I am sure...."change" is here....though the reality is that either candidate will face mountainous terrain with many hazards...some so large as to go around rather than to conquer....(last chapter of "The Limits of Power"....Andrew Bacevish seeks the past in Niebuhr...a perspective of the pitfalls of war as well as many others...interesting times...
the mutt may have the appeal of all and hopefully the wisdom and insight beyond the past and the future as well..
best wishes,