Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Morning Zen

Making a decision. Taking action. Thinking now about the change that we wish to make in life. instituting actions to place that change into motion and have it become a part of us. taking the steps to develop the groundwork and firm setting for that change to rest upon. In implementing that change I do well for a moment. Maybe a day or a week. Slowly it seems that I begin to slide back (and back may not be the right term as it is not necessarily a backward motion slide) into the behavior or actions I was trying to change. Comfort perhaps. Wired so hard and so long into thoughts and actions. Who knows.
An example I have been using Xpenser to track spending. One can send a text message via the cell phone to the Xpenser service with purchase information. It is a great way to keep track of spending. I did very well for a while. Then I would forget once. and then again and soon the practice left altogether. Thinking maybe I can start again. It would be wise.

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Anonymous said...

how fotunate you are (we are, we all are) that these are the things in life we worry about.

Let us thank a veteran today for sweating the big stuff so that we can sweat the small stuff.

How very fortunate we are.

Happy Veterans Day, Mr. Boatman and all