Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Quote Friday

Wow, it is Friday once again.
I am not sure how I can get more folks involved in guessing. I figured the whole world wide web would be here waiting wanting to get free glass art.

"The dude abides."


Anonymous said...

second guessing the "whole world wide webs'" desires...millions spend millions trying to figure that out one time blogs had a of the first times I was looking for the Blue Sage blog....the Blue Eyed Vixen blog came up on a the search...OMG...I had no idea what was on blogs now sure your blog spot is on the business cards....
maybe even a little sign on the counter...."weekly glass give-aways" on the blog....that might create some interest. The public is generally,looking for a new thing all the time....insatiable appetites for something new, something sensational, something, but not necessarily anything!
The it is a "societal illness"...
the next sensation...especially the youth of today...they want change...they got they are getting the same "old" democratic cabinet....from 8 and more years much for a brave new world of concern for humanity and our great Earthen space craft....
best wishes.

Douglas said...

I don't guess unless I know. And you've been obscure of late--near as I can tell.

As for my blown glass needs, I guess I have to admit to getting stalled out imagining wispy unicorns and crystalline pirate ships when I think of glass in an artistic way. Sorry. Maybe brown glass bottles with some sort of malted beverage and a cap might draw attention?

What I need to do is follow through on my unspoken promise to my daughter to bring her by the studio to see you work some weekend. Soon.

Douglas said...

D'oh. I meant to wrap that comment with Sam Elliot as "The Stranger" in "The Big Lebowski".

As well as recommend as a surprisingly awesome celeb site.