Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morning Zen

Gaining momentum on the day. Int eh learning. Over and over. little pieces each time make more sense. Getting it all, all at once is hardly possible. Try and try and change and try and different and try and again and try. There is failure and coming back again to do more again. It is okay to give up too. Permission to fail.


Anonymous said...

Permission to fail? Gee, I hope your parents don't follow this blog.....I think you would be grounded, sir. Or worse, forced to eat canned green beans for supper.

Just take it easy. Baby steps.


Anonymous said...

ahhh...failure? What was that more interesting perspective...something like "not getting the expected results" ?
Failure probably teaches the best lessons...unless of course it is fatal.
But unexpected results are part of life. Set goals and follow up with commitment, focus, and execution.
Books? "Focus" , "Execution", "The Success Principles"...."Emotional Intelligence"....."Driven to Distraction" and "Delivered from Distraction"...we live in an apparently ADHD society...too damn many distraction, distortion, and too much "crap".
What is success?