Friday, February 01, 2008

Movie Quote Friday

Here is a good one. First one to respond correctly with movie and character gets a lovely paperweight.

"Peace was made between the two peoples. And a new nation was formed. They offered my a chance to stay among them and teach them. A chance to lead them. To be King. But Sheila was gone. Besides, I had places to go."

Coffee Musings

Habit, control, comfort? Read yesterday we buy a latte because it makes us feel good. A Momentary condition. In not making the purchase we feel good longer because we saved the money. I Think there is more to it then that. Granted i was to 10 dollars a day on espresso.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning Zen

What to do... don't. I will try. "There is do and do not, there is no try".

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Overhaul, Make It a Venti - New York Times

Overhaul, Make It a Venti - New York Times
Well, I also like coffee. Fresh roasted beans. Freshly ground. Tamped to 30 psi. Loaded into a high quality machine where water is forced over the grounds. 25 seconds pass. The ease and grace of a masterful barista produce a drink of pure pleasure.
I have a google map of independent coffee shops in OKC posted up
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If you have any additions please drop me a line.

Prairie Thunder Baking Co.

Prairie Thunder Baking Co.
It is not yet open. I drive by about twice a week. Waiting for ovens from Europe. Waiting.
I like bread you know.

Coffee Musings

Impact. The impact of our actions upon others is not foreseen not predictable not balanced. To one they go to another they come. Striking not a balance between sides but a balance withhn the self in doing what is right for us at that moment, able to change our minds if necessary.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Coffee Musings

There but for the grace of god go i, Heard that for the first time in a long while last night. That and most of my problems today are cosmetic problems. Left with a sense of the only thing wrong is something wrong with me. That is today there is nothing wrong with me.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Martin Sexton

This was really a great show. Full of humor, energy, and peaceful vibes it was really a delight.

Coffee Musings

The world comes together as it should and as it is, fighting the nature of things is part of the learning process. Fighting it and then figuring out how to stop fighting it. Figuring out how to step into the stream and flow with the nature of the world.