Friday, March 14, 2008

Movie Quote Friday

First one to get the Character and the Movie wins a prize.

"People always ask me if Michael Sullivan was a good man. And I always give them the same answer: He was my father."

Coffee Musings

In the grand scheme of things... Interesting phrase that pops into mind on occasion. Like i step back to allow tunnel vision to see from a distance.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Morning Zen

It is looking as if the journey of the earth around the sun is increasing its distance and thus begins to tilt and we enter into Spring. And the rebirth and emergence begins with the land, the flowers, and trees, and the animals and our lives. The egg of the psyche has been tended and the warmth of the winter blankets peeled back. Ready to spring forth from our slumber and renewed to being life awakened to the Self and to the whole.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Morning Zen

Living in harmony is obtainable. It becomes effortless. Interesting that it is through disequilibrium that equilibrium comes. harmony rides the plank at the top of the pyramid. It is here with a balancing act worthy of the Great Wallenda's. In harmony, in conjunction with the spirit with the divine we are. Learning to maintain that connection. Doing everything everyday to gather that strength.
Was thinking how hard it is to be in the spirit. It is a daily diligent task. It is never ceasing. To be there one day, one moment does not mean that we will be there automatically the next moment. We can prepare ourselves to be ready for when that time comes when we are there. And so why is it when circumstances creep in, when we loose some footing. That one thing that gives great strength and infinite is often the first thing to go. Letting loose of the spirit when other things arise. Seems so easy to let go of that which can be so difficult. The spiritual life is a hard life. That which comes last and which leaves first.

Inbox Zero

To keep you up to date on the Inbox Zero progress. I currently have 97 messages in my gmail account inbox. Three pages in my blue sage account. just archived my school account with a ton. This Inbox Zero is designed for daily use. Constant vigilance in the upkeep of electronic data. I am at about every two weeks for cleaning them out.
But I must say I have been fairly consistent on making my bed every morning. Not really making from scratch but at least getting all the covers to cover.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Morning Zen

The horns of the dilemma. You know with the bull coming and two horns, choose which. I stand there in the middle waiting to get run over, not making a choice but letting destiny make the choice for me. Then Rush reminds us that even if you do not choose you still have made a choice. The consequences are such that in not deciding there is outcomes weighed and known and unknown. Yes, at times it is best to wait and see and let things unfold. At times still to decide and act. And upon making that decision to complete the task at hand. So many of our decisions are based not upon circumstance and truth and right thinking and right action but upon that which is known and comfortable and easy. And I think that too is what a mentor is for experience. Why we seek out the knowledge and experience of others, why we go to a professional to grow. Complete the task at hand and grow.