Saturday, April 05, 2008

Morning Zen

That heavy feeling of yesterday never really passed. It was present in the background even at the moments when there was nothing else present there was that strange thing. Others spoken too seemed to notice something different with the day. ions moving opposite directions.
Today is clean and clear.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Movie Quote Friday

I forgot it was Friday. Michelle asked me what my quote for the day was and I had know idea what she was talking about... so here we go...

First one to have the correct movie and character wins a wine topper...

"It's sorta social. Demented and sad, but social."

Morning Zen

slight irritability. Like a scratch or a hangnail or a itchy spot. Stemming I think from this mornings radio on Martin Luther King Jr. Forty years ago he was assassinated. To hear words from this preacher, words from people who listened, words from leaders. I wonder what happened. Words like this are rare. And then forty years and what have I done for the dream. What can I show for the dream. What?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Morning Zen

Once again the dawn arrives and we herald in a new day. A new beginning to life. Waking pure and fresh Letting loose of the days before, letting loose of the constraints of self. Open now to the flow of the universe and allowing it to move us into wonder.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Morning Zen

"It is a day like any other day that's ever been."
Be aware to the cows on the interstate.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Coffee Slingers

There is a new coffee joint in OKC. Coffee Slingers on 10th and Broadway next to the Alley Bike Shop. Nice location. Great windows. Restored building. The Cement counter tops are wicked as I am trying to get a friend to pour some.
Very good coffee. Conscience of the pull. Knowledgeable in the ways of crema. Can you say Barista, and not of the *$'s variety.

Morning Zen

Thinking last night of the impartitive for change. It seems there was an urgency. In the past a total collapse of the constructs holding together life and living. without those protective walls change was forced. Maybe not change but an examination of living. That urgency has subsided. The disequilibrium has lessened and a balance once again attained. and so there seems to be not as much need to examine, to write, to explore. The lessons learned in the rebuilding need to remain intact.