Saturday, October 04, 2008

Morning Zen

We have spoken many times on many things. What progress have I made? Is it even wise to look to see or even possible to gage the progress of the spirit. In the stream you can see the bank go by. Knowing that going somewhere is being made. Feeling good about direction and purpose and where we are heading. Feeling comfortable in the progress and even comfortable with the times of uncomfortableness and trouble and confusion all as part of growing. So change and doing differently. It is wonderful to have friends and guides and those with experience to bump me back on track to check my progress to hold accountable in measure.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Chase bank

Do not bank at chase bank. 15 minutes in line. Low rates, hidden fees. Too late to change banlks now.

Movie Quote Friday

First one to get the movie and characters... big prize this week.

"Maliciously destroying municipal property while under the influence. What was that?"
"Cuttin' the heads off parking meters, captain."

Coffee Musings

When does passion and consuming convert to addiction? Morning cup, latte, work cups, lunch latte, cups, afternoon french press, more press, evening latte. Not every day but typical consumpsion.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Morning Zen

Moment of silence. taking a moment to be silent. Turn off the ringer. turn off the monitor. pull over the car. breathe deep for a minute. Take the time. It is good and it is most necessary.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Truck

Searching today on Street View in Google Maps, I have found my truck...twice...

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Street View is cool

Morning Zen

Analogies for progress race about and bounce around in the head. There are so many approaches to being and growth. Stories about the other who has found and achieved a state of being desired. Stories laid out like stepping stones across the river, providing a bridge to the other side. This can hardly be spoken of without some kind of analogy. There is seemly no way to explain it otherwise. Putting to words something for which no words can explain. Telling to others what words alone can not express. An illustration of a personal experience for the whole of the world to see and follow. It is just not enough. Experience is the key and the act must be completed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Morning Zen

my buddy george say's something to the effect "I may not be much but I am all I think about". I am learning more and more just how wrapped up in self I really am. Seeing myself with focus only on myself is a harsh reality. Want to view the myself not that way, helping others, giving freely, in service, and yet at the core is this absorption. I am not sure how to shrink the ego.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Austin peace pole


Coffee Musings

Feel the love, fill with love.Coffe this morning at Thunderbird in Austin caused a full cup of undrinkable swill to be left on the table followed vy a trip to the emerald press for a cup made with care and love and breakfast rwcommendation to the Counter Cafe.