Friday, October 24, 2008

Glass Blowing Pensacola Florida: Contest Time!

Glass Blowing Pensacola Florida: Contest Time!
Check out the glass contest Scott is running. Head over there. Make a comment. Tell him I sent you...

Movie Quote Friday

It is already Friday again...
Do you know this movie and character? Be the first to comment the correct answer and you will win a beautiful glass pumpkin.

""Surely you can't be serious!"
"I am serious... and don't call me Shirley."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morning Zen

Go the way of the way. Flash thought of the What Would (fill in the blank) Do?
Relax. Accept. Do the next right thing. How do we know the next right thing? Sit. Pray. Meditate. Seek Counsel. Sit. Pray. Meditate. Seek Counsel. Act or do not Act. Know how you feel when doing things and thinking and taking action. Know how the gut reacts to situations and why. How does this feel? Why? Old old tapes playing songs of self destruction? New known feelings of this is not right? Peaceful good feeling without hesitation? Peaceful feeling but fear of the unknown and new? Identify these feelings and reactions and what is needed to change, proceed or flee.

Coffee Musings

My phone is working again. A new phone accually. Nice service plan to replace factory defects. The E key sticks a bit, may loosen up with use. Tmobil had made a change to their system too, this caused the MMS to ogger to no longer function. It was fixed yesterday. So messages from the phone are possible again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coffee Musings

The rain cleanses again. Change is on the horizion, change like the sun rising,toknow what is to come may be the question of the quest. What next seems to be all now too familiar refrain for me. What next? That is not impending doom in tone but eager anticipation of the wonder that is just ahead.

Bella vista pancake breakfast

Bella vista

Coffee Musings

The aroma of the day, drink in the smell, have you ever seen a sound, swam in an ocean of color, danced in a warm ray of moonlight? A cup of porceline holding liquid bliss like the pearlisence of the oyster. Yes, the world is my oyster, now I know what he was saying. Does the coffee lead to understanding or since we know do we come to this place to consume?

Fw: Coffee Musings

The peace of the day can be found in the reflection of light in a dark brown cup. Black is not accurate the rich body of this beverage swathed in acomplex form that changes by the sip and by the temperature of the fluid. This is what we work forn what we live for, moments of bliss and quite contemplation. Release of the self into the abyss. Reading quotes today from movies and stuck on "fight club" for a while. The philosophy of a generation wrapped up there from our youth in the breakfast club to our loathing in what is now our middle years. Painful realizations, I really like my khakias.

Morning Zen

The rains came again today. Cleansing. Watching the rain fall and hit and ground and bounce back up. Wondering how to prepare ourselves for things to come. It is possible to ready for work in the morning. Prepared in the mind for what to do this afternoon. Laying groundwork for antipicated events. Savings accounts to be ready for that rainy day. Free of debt. Schooled in GTD. Those things are not easy. They were not taught in school. Learned by watching others and talking, and exploring, and seeking. Explore. Find the things that work for you. I tried the 43 folders, I could not keep it up. My Inbox on email is empty. My inbox on my desk is over a foot high. That is next...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Morning Zen

The external forces seem to cause disruptions to the flow. That cool groove stream and feeling well and sensing a golden buddha nested in the throat. then external forces. How to maintain that peace within when the outside things seek to disrupt?