Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Morning Zen

Faith. Coming to know the divine. Letting go of the self and trust completely in the divine. Give up control or the illusion of control and allow the spirit to come in and direct and guide our lives. Faith does not just spring forth. It is a seed. It is nurtured and watered and tended too with loving care. The Miracle-Gro of selfless acts and helping others allows the seed to spring from once fallow grounds. The warmth and care of love allow it to bloom and bear fruit. Love of self, love of god, love then of others.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Blue Sage Studios Home Show | Wimgo

Blue Sage Studios Home Show | Wimgo

Coffee Musings

There is a time in life devoted to the moment, devoted to the self, in that momnet of being totally focused upon that singularity be it the extraction of espresso, burning incense, a mantra, praising another, turning glass; the world melts away the self desolves. Why at that moment can't we hold on a little longer? Wondering how knowledge of the self and taking care of the self, and living for the self translates. Thinking about living for the self, knowing the great benfits of helping others we act in full accordance with principals of alturistic love. Needing to help and knowing the benfits to ourselves. We do not help to elivate ourself or out of obligation but as to help.