Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning Zen

Hold onto this day. This moment in time. Be free in your mind from the self. Let go of old and unneeded. Address it, embrace it, and set it free with the self. Hopefully, steadily, become come one with the One and simply be again.

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Anonymous said...

holding on and letting go

figuring out what stays in the closet, and what has to go. making sure it stays gone.

become one and simply be. so simple, clear, but oh so difficult

new day. change. I'm thinking we all still want the same things. peace. within, all around. simple little word. elusive though. timeless. fleeting. enjoy it while we can.

why are the simple things so difficult, mr. boatman? and please do not tell me it is because we make them that way.

change. word for the day. time will tell. will attempt the simple today. do it the same way you attempt the difficult; one step - the first step. guessing the first step is just having faith that you can, and will, take the first step.

good luck to all in their new beginnings today.