Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Morning Zen

The dawn has once again shattered the night. The moon has grown. Time speeding along. Wonder and grace fill the moments. Fear and worry creep in to be dispelled in the light of day and reason. What does the future hold? What dreams may come to pass? What next? Only right now. This moment. Learning to let go.

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Anonymous said...

learning to let go, talk about a constant learning process, and part of the learning is constant practice of the process. and what have I learned? if you don't practice constantly and apply to ALL facets of life (closet, gagage, under bed, past memories, present fears...)it will not work with even one.

note: unrelated fyi, Subdudes are celebrating 20 years of musical funness. For those who love a mean accordian solo, you should let go of a little time and cash and add them to collection of stuff worth keeping and enjoying.

happy tuesday, sir. be happy. be free. respect the accordian.