Monday, March 09, 2009

Morning Zen

The forced change of time is a trip. the body getting used to things and waking and the sun and then all of the sudden everything changes.


Anonymous said...

its still Monday. that never changes...durnit

have a happy one, despite it all


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, according to a Minister working on his Doctorate, Presbyterians consider Sundays
during Lent to be little Easters and don't count them as the 40 days. So only if you are Catholic
do you count Sundays as Lent, I assume? Perhaps it is a personal preference for how you
want to suffer since I would die without chocolate for 40 days. I was encouraged to see that you
actually are celebrating the chocolate that you went without for so long.

I found your glass studio online. I met you at the wake back in Sept. and felt your pot needed a
friend. Since my pot would like to stay inside sometimes and be of use to you(not of use to
me since it often flakes and that doesn't work for kettle-dyed wool). So in spring (April) and
after my friend Ellen comes back from Maui, we want to deliver this lonely pot to your studio in
OKC. We can drop it off on a Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully, someone will be there but if not
may I attach a note to it and leave at the door? This pot, I think, will enjoy your studio but may
also make good stew. You will have to decide on its use since it knows it belongs to you.