Monday, May 11, 2009

Coffee Musings

With the first blush the bean erupts in full body and bredth lingering in the cup developing a subtle rich fruit. The results are a blessing. Is the day like that cup? Rich and full with wonderous undertones of pure bliss.

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Anonymous said...

The exceptional cup of coffee is no accident. Great work, time attention to detail, care and devotion are required. Planting, healthy growth, timely harvest, transport and travel, roasting, storage and finally, the brewing. If just one of these steps is compromised, so will your coffee drinking experience, also. In short, bliss is rarely an accident. You may accidently happen into a great coffee shop serving great coffee from a talented barista, but the creation of that cup was no accident.

What work have you done to find and create bliss? Choices, time, work, growth....all the necessities...Is the day like the cup?